If ADHD can't be controlled what are some struggles from it?

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There are many struggles living with ADHD and they are not easy to control. Some struggles deals with personal life, work life, school life, and social life. Having an attention disorder is something that's hard to deal with and even harder for others to deal with as well. For example, if someone with ADHD was in class learning it would take them anywhere from 5 to 10 times more effort to pay attention to the teacher than it would a normal student. Things are constantly running through their mind and easily distracting them from what they need to focus on.

When it comes to social and personal life it's difficult to stay focused and keep to one task at a time. When having difficulty paying attention doing normal house chores takes longer. You'll start doing the dishes, then get distracted with cleaning the living room, and then get distracted again with something else. Conversations are about the same results. They'll be talking about something and either they change subjects or something will catch their attention and they stop in mid sentence. The other person in the conversation normally gets frustrated and annoyed about it. It happens about 90 percent of the time.

Slowing down and focusing when having ADHD is the biggest struggle. It effects your schooling and your work performance and most people do not understand what it is like to live with that kind of struggle. Students and employees with ADHD tend to get into trouble for not focusing or paying attention. They can't get through the work day sitting or standing in one spot the whole day. They get antsy and need to move. When they can't move around they get even more distracted. Their paper work gets sloppy and so does their work performance.

I know the struggles living with ADHD because me, my brother, and now my son have it. It does make it easier to understand my brother and my son since we go through the same struggles. Other though, do get why we can't control it. Even parents with kids who have an attention disorder don't know what it is like. They think the child is being defiant or not listening, when in reality it's not anything near that. ADHD can't be controlled. Yes, there is medicine to control it but the side effects are horrible. The side effects to taking the medicine is: difficulty sleeping, thinking gets slower, and it makes you not want to do anything. This medicine will not let the person sleep for at least two days. It's long lasting and difficult to function with the effects. I would rather have the struggles of the attention disorder than the side effects of the medicine. It's not easy having a life with an attention disorder or trying to get others to understand. It's just as difficult trying to hide your disorder because then it only makes it worse. The only thing a person can do when living with ADHD is to accept it and make the best of life. Finding a job or a career that moves as fast as your attention is a great start and remembering that ADHD can't be controlled that easily.

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